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Do u know cyber fort is the newbie technology blog which regularly updates the best parts of tech, crimes, and too knowledgeble the ranking is also almost the improving day by day....

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10. gaming and entertainment

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Whichever topic you want to write your post on but writing skills and good command on English is must. Because we care about the readers and make sure that they are able to understand each and every sentence in our articles, posts or tutorials.Specially when you are writing a blog post on SEO or Blogging tips then writing skills is the most important. But when you are posting about a Blogger Gadget then the post should contain the information and it should be on point.You understand that there's difference between a Tutorial and an Article, tutorials should focus on the main idea but when writing an article they must contain information in a well mannered way.

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  1. Article less than 400 words.
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