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We’ve all seen links on our favorite blogs that say something like “buy ads here” or “advertise here,” but unless you’re an advertiser, you may not have clicked to find out where that link takes you.If a blogger really wants to make money blogging, she will have a landing page full of compelling information and options for advertisers. And that’s at the very least.

Why You Need to Work on The “Advertise” Page

If you think about it, selling ad space is like selling any other product or service.
 “Advertise” page, because it will do great part of the selling for you. Having a great “Advertise” page can be the different between landing many ad deals and not landing any at all.

Essential Elements

There are three basic elements that you need to include in your “Advertise” page:
1. Statistics About Your Site. At the very minimum you should provide the number of unique visitors and page views that your site gets per month. Other metrics you might include are the pages per visitor (even better if you use Google Analytics).
2. Information About Your Audience. Advertisers want to know what kind of people visit your see, to determine whether or not your audience is a good match for their products and services. 
3. Description Of The Advertising Options. The third essential element is a description of the advertising options you have on your website. 

Should I Include The Price?

The drawback is that the price tag might scare potential advertisers even before you have a chance to talk to them.

Optional Elements

If you want to give more information to your potential advertisers, these are some elements you can include in your “Advertise” page:
1. A list of current and past sponsors. Social proof plays a role in most aspects of our society, and advertising is no exception
2. Testimonials from current and past sponsors. Another way to convince potential sponsors is to give them a testimonial from companies that already advertised on your site and had a positive return on their investments.
3. Awards you won. If you or your website won any awards, you could list them in the “Advertise” page. 
4. Mentions from mainstream media. Whether you like it or not, most companies still consider mainstream media as the most credible source of information around.

Linking to Your “Advertise” Page

Your “Advertise” page will only be effective if potential advertisers actually visit it. That is why you need to link to it from different places on your website.

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